Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1. Will the ClearCollar™ material continue to be flexible in extremely cold or hot environments?
Yes. The ClearCollar™ has been tested and continues to perform optimally up to 150ºF and as low as -20ºF.

2. Do you have sizes to fit smaller necks?
Yes! Conventional non-adjustable collars offer four basic collar sizes, pediatric, adult small, medium and large. Leading up to our product launch we conducted extensive research in the proper sizes of our non-adjustable line and discovered a gap in offered sizes for patients with small (in circumference) and short (in height) necked patients. These would typically be your adolescents and geriatric patients. As such, we are proud to introduce the Adolescent size collar.

3. Is the ClearCollar™ safe for the MRI and X-Ray machines?
Yes. The ClearCollarTM is compatible with MRI, CT and X-Ray machines.

4. Will the cushion be slippery when it gets fluids on it?
No. The cushion portion of the cervical collar has been tested in various weather conditions and patient scenarios. It continues to perform optimally whether wet or dry.

5. Is the cushion as comfortable as competitor collars?
Yes. In fact when testing the ClearCollar™, EMS professionals proclaim that the soft portion of the ClearCollar™ is more comfortable than its foam competitors. Great care has been taken to ensure that the feel, flexibility and design of the soft portion exceed comfort expectations.

6. Will the material cause the patients' skin to break down?
No. The ClearCollar™ is manufactured from FDA approved medical grade material. As with any cervical extrication collar, the ClearCollar™ is not intended for long-term use where skin breakdown and additional comfort and support may be required. (Check out the development of ClearCollar™'s Rehabiliation Series for information on long-term use collars).

7. Will the rivet placed on the chin piece "poke" you when the collar is on?
No. The weight of the head and contact with the chin is evenly distributed on the soft portion of the chin piece.

8. Will the soft portion of the collar grip the hair when applied?
No. Clear Advantage Collar, Inc. has identified just the right material that meets our functional performance standards as well as facilitates easy patient application.

9. How soon will they be available to purchase?
The ClearCollar® Non-Adjustable is currently available on the market. The release date for the ClearCollar® Adjustable is first quarter 2012. The release date for the ClearCollar® Rehabilitation Series is set for sometime third quarter 2012. To keep apprised of ClearCollar® developments, customers are encouraged to sign-up for our periodic eNewsletter.

10. Why should I pay more for this collar over other cervical collars on the market?
How much would you pay to catch a developing life-threatening condition in time to save a patient's life? Paramedics, doctors and nurses agree, the more you can visually assess in a patient's condition, the better. The ClearCollar™ optimizes continuous visual assessment of the anatomy of the neck to visually monitor trauma and changing conditions, minimizing legal liability of undetected injury.


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